The IMF has pushed Ukraine: what will happen now with the dollar

МВФ опрокинул Украину: что теперь будет с курсом доллара

The IMF loan was not approved, a statement on the issue, the Fund will make 27 Sep

The IMF mission September 26, concluded its work in Ukraine, and the next day you will hear a statement on the results of its work in the country. It is reported by “Ukrainian news” with reference to the Ukrainian office of the Fund.

“Today is the final day of the mission. A statement on the results of the work are expected tomorrow,” said the Ukrainian representative office of the IMF.

МВФ опрокинул Украину: что теперь будет с курсом доллара

The main reason for the lack of agreement with the IMF was the information about the possibility of a settlement agreement between the state and the former owners of PrivatBank.

This situation is unlikely to affect the rate of hryvnia to the dollar. As previously reported by analyst Maxim Parkhomenko, only the formation of a new IMF program and the adoption could help the government of Ukraine to hold a good state of the economy and face in front of international investors.

As previously reported, the IMF mission arrived in Kyiv in the second decade of September to discuss cooperation issues.

“But even the IMF’s decision will bring real money into our economy very soon”, he added.

“And now the hryvnia support non-residents who are actively buying our government bonds, lowering the dollar against the hryvnia,” — said analyst of Alpari.

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МВФ опрокинул Украину: что теперь будет с курсом доллара

In early July, President Vladimir Zelensky during a meeting with first Deputy managing Director of the IMF David Lipton said that the cooperation with IMF will be a priority for the Ukrainian leadership.

In turn, the National Bank of Ukraine said that we should sign a new long-term programme of cooperation with the IMF in the amount of 5-10 billion dollars.

According to representatives of all branches of power of Ukraine, the IMF increases the trust of investors. On the other hand, the need to support the IMF confirmed that the country indeed there are financial problems or the threat that any. Today foreign exchange reserves of the national Bank of Ukraine does not cause fears, and in the near future Kiev will not have to make large foreign payments.

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