The identity of the victims face-to-face in Saint-Tite-des-Caps confirmed

aura-fallu-plus-deux-heures(Quebec) The Surete du Quebec has finally confirmed the identities of the three victims occurred face-to-face Friday in Sainte-Tite-des-Caps. This is Daniel Arsenault, 58, Nadine Desbiens, 45 and Jacob Desbiens-Doyle, 11 years.

All from Montreal, they died instantly when their vehicle was rammed by another oncoming Friday afternoon.

Authorities said the driver of the truck, which was heading east, has deviated from its trajectory to be in the way westbound.

A moment of inattention or the fact that he fell asleep at the wheel are now preferred explanations for the collision. Alcohol was ruled out from the outset.

It took over two hours to remove some victims of the carcass of the car. The investigation remains ongoing.

The driver of the van was injured but his life was never in danger.

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