The husband of a cancer patient Zavorotnyuk made a Frank admission: “take hands and cuddle”

Муж больной раком Заворотнюк сделал откровенное признание: «взять за руки и обняться»

Husband of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Peter Chernyshev told about what she was doing before he became known the terrible diagnosis

The star of the popular series “My fair nanny” was diagnosed with a brain tumor and she was treated in Poland.

The husband of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk skater Peter Chernyshev admitted that before the illness of his wife during the filming worked 12 hours a day. Chernyshev had to hire a housekeeper to ease the life of Anastasia, Russian media writes.

Муж больной раком Заворотнюк сделал откровенное признание: «взять за руки и обняться»

Earlier Zavorotnyuk boasted that they managed to find a wonderful assistant who helped her to raise children.

“I have a wonderful assistant. She raised my children. I actively helps. Babysitting my boys. Tatyana Petrovna. With us and my mom lives. She, of course, also actively involved. While I sometimes cook. I can make awesome scrambled eggs,” said the actress.

She also added that she and her husband have a very tight schedule and they have a long time to disperse.

“We’re very busy. We are leaving for a long time, and we really appreciate every minute spent with each other,” shared the woman.

At the same time the latter admitted that he and his wife “can find time during the day to take each other’s hands and cuddle”.

As we wrote earlier, the first husband of the Russian actress, star of TV series “My fair nanny” was a German businessman Olaf Schwarzkopf. When the couple became husband and wife, Anastasia was 22 years old, Olaf – 34.

Zavorotnyuk went to live with the husband home. Together they spent one year. And divorced what Zavorotnyuk cynically deceived wife. About the controversial details of family life told Starkopf on a Russian talk show.

According to him, Anastasia was pregnant but lost her baby. To her husband she said that she had a miscarriage. However, as was later learned Starkopf, his wife cheated. She had an abortion. He was shocked by this news.

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Муж больной раком Заворотнюк сделал откровенное признание: «взять за руки и обняться»

“Anastasia told me that it was a miscarriage. And after I was told that she had an abortion. Right now I don’t know. In any case, the General us child God gave,” — said Olaf on Russian TV.

After parting Zavorotnyuk moved to Moscow and got married again — for the businessman Dmitry striukove. They had two children, Anna and Michael.

Since 2008, the artist married figure skater Peter Chernyshev. In October 2018, thanks to the IVF procedure they had a daughter Mila.

Recall, the Director was shocked by the truth about pregnancy Zavorotnyuk: “the Belly was not.”

As reported Politeka, Zavorotnyuk from “My fair nanny” to collect money for the treatment.

Also Politeka wrote that the star of “My fair nanny” Paul Serdyuk scared appearance: “so hard to live”