The husband of a cancer patient Zavorotnyuk broke the silence, appeared the statement: “Pray”

Муж больной раком Заворотнюк прервал молчание, появилось заявление: «Молимся»

Husband of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk for the first time commented on the state cancer-stricken wife

These days the famous Russian actress is waiting for an operation to remove a brain tumor. Her husband Peter Chernyshev was constantly nearby and, until recently, made no public comment on the state of health of his wife.

However, in the new issue of the Russian TV show “Let them talk” the famous figure skater Alexei Yagudin said that he managed to contact his colleague Chernyshev and ask him about the status of the wife.

“I wrote to her husband… But he didn’t answer. The message was not read”, — said the skater.

After that, he decided to call Chernyshev and he still answered the phone. However, a long conversation, they did not. All the questions the man briefly answered in one word: “Pray…”.

Муж больной раком Заворотнюк прервал молчание, появилось заявление: «Молимся»

However, some colleagues Yagudin accused him of lies and PR on the mountain car crash. They recalled that the latter did not give official comments about the illness of his wife.

Before it was reported that the family of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk has refused to attract independent professionals to the treatment of the actress.

Native artist, who is now in a Moscow hospital with a terrible diagnosis – brain cancer, decided not to involve her treatment of external consultants.

It is reported that the Moscow clinic, where the actress gives the opportunity to bring to the treatment of third-party doctors. Given the attention to health Zavorotnyuk, it is not surprising that several major hospitals and research centers have already offered their help.

However, after discussing the matter with relatives of the actress, the hospital management gave up all potential “helpers.”

It is emphasized that they will hold treatment of on their own.

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Муж больной раком Заворотнюк прервал молчание, появилось заявление: «Молимся»

It is known that in the moment of the car crash is in the therapeutic Department. According to the latest data, its status is estimated as heavy.

Earlier we wrote that the treatment of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk helped friends. Allegedly, they managed to tie it under the policy of OMS (compulsory medical insurance) to one of the best private hospitals of Moscow.

We will remind, the daughter of a terminally ill car crash was set up.

As reported Politeka, a poignant appeal Zavorotnyuk blew up the network.

Politeka also wrote that the patient’s cancer Zavorotnyuk ready for a new challenge.