The human brain can grow: how is the real miracle

Человеческий мозг можно отрастить: как возможно настоящее чудо

The human body is capable of unimaginable things

The British media tells the amazing story of six-year-old boy named Noah wall, who survived against all odds.

When his mother Shelly wall was pregnant, the doctors five times and asked her to make an abortion, because they were confident that the child is not viable or born with severe mental disabilities.

Человеческий мозг можно отрастить: как возможно настоящее чудо

The boy was diagnosed with spina bifida — Spina bifida and almost completely absent from the brain — it was only 2 per cent from the norm. However, Shelly and her husband Rob refused to terminate the pregnancy because it was already not young.

Noah and his parents were guests on the TV show Good Morning Britain, leading which called cute baby a miracle. Now the child leads a fairly active lifestyle. He speaks, learns to count and even trying to surf. According to the newspaper the Sun revealed that the child somehow miraculously “grow their brains” — over the years his brain has increased to 80 percent from the normal size.

According to Rob, many doctors believed that their infant son’s brain did not develop. But some doctors believe that the brain of Noah were initially highly compressed, but then gradually began to take put it place. And said that because of such serious injury, Noah will become mentally retarded severe: you will not see, hear, speak and feed himself. But he can, in General, can be considered almost healthy. Although he is delayed in development.

Parents spent a lot of time to your child. They turned to a specialized clinic in Australia, where he developed a brain training program that combines physiotherapy and cognitive exercises.

Человеческий мозг можно отрастить: как возможно настоящее чудо

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After that, the condition Noah has been great progress. And doctors estimate his chances to lead a full life with optimism.

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