The huge island could go under the hammer and to fulfill the dream of the President: “the last word..”

Огромный остров может уйти с молотка и осуществить мечту президента: "последнее слово за.."

In the Danish Royal family allow the sale of Greenland’s US President Donald Trump

How do you think the high representatives of the country, the inhabitants of the island themselves should decide whether they want that agreement to sell was concluded, according to Newsweek.

In particular, Princess Antonia Schaumburg-Lippe, the wife of the brother of Queen Margrethe II, Prince Valdemar, said that trump’s offer should be viewed as a compliment.

“Offer to purchase — it’s a compliment to the magic of Greenland. Since only the desired areas are getting such”, — said the Princess.

Огромный остров может уйти с молотка и осуществить мечту президента: "последнее слово за.."

She added that the people of Greenland should be able to decide their fate.

In addition, her son Prince Mario Max Schaumburg-Lippe added:

“I love Greenland and want dear citizens there happy. You need to respect their choices regardless of what they feel and what will make the decision,” said the Prince.

As you know, the media reported that trump is considering buying Greenland, which is part of Denmark and has a status of autonomy.

Огромный остров может уйти с молотка и осуществить мечту президента: "последнее слово за.."

Danish politicians have called this information “an April fool’s joke”.

The government of Greenland stated that it is willing to talk about doing business, but the island is not for sale.

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Very harsh comments about the ideas of the American President, the representative of the Danish people’s party søren Espersen Greenland.

If he really thinks about it, it’s final proof that he was crazy. Opinion on the sale of Denmark 50 thousand of his citizens in the United States is absolutely ridiculous,” said Espersen.

Greenland — the largest island in the world (area 2 130 800 km2) with a population of almost 58 thousand people.

Recall that the similarity Zelensky and trump impressed the experts.

Also Politeka wrote that became known, why Zelensky need Trump.

And Politeka reported that the Ukrainian Putin’s dream collapsed, a contract with trump was doomed.