The huge cat ripped man in the country: details of the fatal frames

Огромная кошка разорвала мужчину на даче: детали и фатальные кадры

The man got out of the house, which stands in the forest, and saw in the yard a beast of prey

The owner began to chase him from the yard. But suddenly the lynx jumped into the side of the man.

Most likely, the animal was just scared and so he jumped towards the man. In an unequal “battle” between animal and man defeated the lynx. It caused lacerations to the head, neck and forearm of the host.

Огромная кошка разорвала мужчину на даче: детали и фатальные кадры

The man started to scream. It was heard by the local hunters.

The animal was killed and gave the vets for examination. It turned out that the Bobcat was rabid.

The victim was hospitalized, his condition is stable.

As previously reported, in Yavoriv district of Lviv region was a case of rabies. A rabid cat bit and scratched four residents of the village donkey.

This was reported Lvov journalist with reference to the epidemiologist, head of the Department of epidemiological research, Yavoriv district Department of the regional laboratory center Vera Levitskaya.

According to her, during a vaccination at quarantine this home the cat ran away, so was not vaccinated against rabies. The animal was killed.

“Over the last years, the incidence of rabies in animals and humans, so — called- hydrophobia has increased considerably. The cases of diseases among wild animals, particularly among foxes, which are the main natural reservoir of rabies. In the settlements of the Yavoriv district did not reduce the number of stray animals, especially dogs, like foxes, are attracted to landfills. Red foxes have been actively visiting farms, contact with animals, often with dogs”, — informs Vera Levitskaya.

Огромная кошка разорвала мужчину на даче: детали и фатальные кадры

In January this year on Jaworowska, in the village, the Monastery had already registered a case of rabies in the domestic dog, which was kept in a cage. At the village Monastery were frequent cases of attacks by foxes on farms, the death of poultry from them. Probably infected dogs have been in contact with Fox.

Therefore, the decision of the extraordinary antiepizootic Commission at the Yavoriv district state administration was introduced a quarantine in the village, the Monastery and the surrounding area. Held vaccinations of Pets, dogs and cats against rabies.

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