The hryvnia will not stand long: what will happen to the dollar in August, the Ukrainians are waiting for the bad times

Гривна долго не устоит: что будет с долларом в августе, украинцев ждут плохие времена

Ukrainian hryvnia in August, expects the easing to 2.5%, said the head of Department of Analytics Forex Club Andrey Shevchishin

Andrew Shevchishin believes that if Ukraine will get another tranche of the IMF loan, the risk of default will be removed. The formation of the majority in Parliament will give the opportunity to carry out land reform and to open the land market, which will be a strong catalyst for investment flows and economic growth of the country. It stimulates inflow of foreign capital and the rehabilitation of local money. Optimism still attaches and what will happen are expected to be privatized, which will drop foreign capital, transfer “Facts”.

Гривна долго не устоит: что будет с долларом в августе, украинцев ждут плохие времена

But also according to experts, there are factors that will constrain strengthening of the Ukrainian currency. As soon as changed conditions for investors that come with “hot” capital, they will begin to leave the market. Also August is the month to change the seasonal trend in the strengthening and in the meanwhile, the hryvnia could fall on average by 2.5%.

This behavior is due to the procurement of energy resources and intensification of importers before the new season of business activity, as well as the calculation of the agricultural sector on loans.

Гривна долго не устоит: что будет с долларом в августе, украинцев ждут плохие времена

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The budget also raised the rate of 29,4 USD per dollar, and is tied to all income and expenditure. If the rate is lower than this level, the budget will not receive funds and the lack of them will need to be financed by bonds, which will expand the national debt. And the strengthening of the hryvnia hits the exporters, with the result that shrinking revenues from export revenue to the country and reduces the competitiveness of Ukrainian products in other markets, adds Andrew Shevchishin.

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