The hryvnia will collapse: when will come to Ukraine crisis, dark times is near

Гривна рухнет: когда в Украину придет кризис, черные времена уже близко

Experts gave a disappointing Outlook on the economic situation in the country

This writes the UNN. In an interview with the economist Viktor Skarshevsky said that Ukraine may overtake another devaluation of the hryvnia and the decline in GDP.

Гривна рухнет: когда в Украину придет кризис, черные времена уже близко


According to him, such development is possible in a year and a half. In particular, on such terms warned the experts of the International monetary Fund, speaking about the onset of a new financial crisis.

While Skarshevsky said that the global financial crisis can begin even earlier, and Ukraine’s economy could collapse and for a number of reasons, including falling prices for grain and metal.

“If the worsening world situation in the external markets, the IMF money will not help us”, — said the expert-economist.

Гривна рухнет: когда в Украину придет кризис, черные времена уже близко

The economist also recalled that a similar situation prevailed in the country in 2008-2009, and in 2014-2015-H. This means that the process will inevitable fall of the national currency and inflation. Also, according to him, we can expect production cuts and decline of GDP.

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As previously reported, the budget of Ukraine loses the most money because of corruption at the customs, the payment of salaries in “envelopes” and the elimination of profits offshore. This became known thanks to the study of tax evasion schemes conducted by the Institute for socio-economic transformation and the Center for social and economic research CASE-Ukraine.

And the earlier study of schemes of tax evasion was held in 2017. Then the greatest budget losses found in the offshore, in customs and in the informal market of land lease.

Recall, solved the main crime of the previous government: “by billions”.

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Also Politeka wrote in Zelensky talking about abolition of important tax, the Ukrainians will be rich.