The hryvnia will collapse: when and how to buy foreign currency in Ukraine, opened the secret

Гривна рухнет: когда и как лучше покупать валюту в Украине, открыт секрет

Soon the dollar may pass the psychological mark of 27 UAH/$, so the Ukrainians because of the panic you may lose your own funds

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According to analysts, Ukrainians should buy the American currency under the new rules, which will allow you to save your own money, not yielding to excessive demand.

Гривна рухнет: когда и как лучше покупать валюту в Украине, открыт секрет

According to them, a currency can be purchased in three ways: at a Bank in the exchanger and using mobile banking application.

The most risky exchanges. To date, hundreds of such items are operating illegally, therefore, the Ukrainians are not protected from what they the cashier can give a fake bill. If you suddenly decided on the operation in the exchanger, it is better in advance to check the availability of licenses for foreign exchange transactions. It is important that after completion of the operation on hand was issued a paper check.

The main advantage of buying currency in the banks security. But they alienate customers because of the constant queues. In addition, before buying currency it is better to come to the Bank to clarify if they have the cash. It is possible that when asked to sell you a $200-300 employee of the banking companies will offer to come another day.

Don’t forget that this year there is another possibility – to buy foreign currency online. To do this, the Ukrainians should just open the currency card, or to open a web map.

Гривна рухнет: когда и как лучше покупать валюту в Украине, открыт секрет

As for opening the online maps, this procedure is free and also will not need to pay a fee when depositing. In this case, to buy the American currency, then you just need to transfer a certain amount from your local currency card dollar. Conversion happens in real-time at the current rate.

As analysts underline, the Ukrainians have to keep calm and minimize all risks. In Ukraine, the periodic growth and the strengthening of the dollar continues from year to year. Gold and foreign currency reserves of the NBU allow at least this year no problem to service the loans and to maintain stability of the national. Therefore, the reasons for the unrest no, and Ukrainians should not give in to excessive demand.

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