The hryvnia will collapse: the Ukrainians stunned the forecast called black date

Гривна рухнет: украинцев огорошили прогнозом, названа черная дата

The hryvnia will remain under – 24-27 hryvnia per dollar before the end of the year, but then the situation will change

This was stated by the astrologer Vlad Ross, “Glavred”reports.

According to the forecast, the rate Seconet with the beginning of the global financial crisis.

“The stabilization of the hryvnia, we are now seeing, due to the fact that foreigners are investing in the debt of Ukraine, that is, buying government bonds. And it now serves as a kind of substitute for the IMF. But this “bubble” will burst immediately after the start of the global crisis, which will occur in late 2019 or early 2020, the year. As soon as the crisis, the hryvnia will collapse,” – said the expert.

Гривна рухнет: украинцев огорошили прогнозом, названа черная дата

However, prior to 2020, the national currency of Ukraine will maintain relative stability.

“Within 24-26 UAH per dollar, at least until 27. This “corridor” of values it has become customary for all Ukrainians,” – said the astrologer.

Гривна рухнет: украинцев огорошили прогнозом, названа черная дата

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Show business

In addition, Vlad Ross denied the words of the Minister of economy of Ukraine Timofey Milovanov that because of the scandal with the block 95 and Choir Ropes that were shown about the former head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva and her burnt house in Gorenichi, will affect the sentiments of foreign investors, because they associate the power and a Quarter of 95.

“Foreign investors do not look at the block 95, therefore, this story is a song about Gontareva “Gorla hut, palala” they are parallel. If investors were looking Kvartal 95 and other comic performances in the West, for example, about Donald trump or Joe Biden, the US would long ago fell asleep! So all that said Milovanov – it’s complete bullshit!”, – astrologer.

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As previously reported, until the end of the year is expected to increase in food prices in Ukraine, of the main products of the social basket most of all will change the price of meat, milk or bread.

According to the forecast of Aleksey Doroshenko, Chairman of the Association of suppliers of retail chains by the end of the year could grow meat.

Гривна рухнет: украинцев огорошили прогнозом, названа черная дата

Due to the reduction of pork production in Ukraine by 2.4%, its cost may increase. But the appreciation will not be significant — about 1-1,5 hryvnia, he said. But some types of dairy products will rise by 2%. This growth will be gradual — 0.7-0.8 percent each month.

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