The hryvnia strengthened and went on the attack on the dollar: the new currency

Гривна окрепла и пошла в атаку на доллар: новый курс валют

Currency exchange rate this week is preparing to surprise the Ukrainians, as the hryvnia suddenly strengthened

This was reported by the analyst of “Alpari” Maxim Parkhomenko, transfers “RBC-Ukraine”.

“The national currency will be in the hallway 25,10 – 25,40 UAH/USD”, — he said.

The expert said that last week the hryvnia exchange rate has shown a small correction and could fall to the level of 25,80 USD per dollar.

Гривна окрепла и пошла в атаку на доллар: новый курс валют

“In a whole different market segments UAH shows positive values increase on average by 30-35 cents depending on the segment of the market,” he said.

At the same time, the Euro during this period, too, will lose “weight”. Within the week the currency fell by 42 cents, and this trend may continue.

As previously reported, the national Bank of Ukraine has published data on deposits of natural persons (not businesses) in Ukrainian banks. According to the regulator, the deposits in March increased by 0.9% compared with February.

In national currency deposits grew by 0.7% to 277 billion in foreign – 1.1% to 233 billion

In January-March of this year the volume of deposits increased by 1.7% to 510 billion Portfolio of deposits in the national currency grew by 3.4%, in foreign currency – decreased by 0.3%.

We will remind, two new reasons why banking institutions may be denied a license.

From the national Bank there are two additional reason to close the banks.

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First: the inability of the Bank to clearly identify the person affecting the management or operations of the Bank. As well as the situation in which someone has a significant influence in the financial institution, but have not received a separate resolution of the NBU. That is talking about the “grey cardinals” banks. Those who strongly influence their work, but all documents are not the major shareholders and agreed upon its influence with the Central Bank.

Second, the shareholder must have adequate financial status, which is confirmed by relevant documents, that is to be checked the origin of funds. The human condition should be equal to the value of his share in the capital or more. He must have enough money to have enough for a buyback of its shares.

The regulator asked banks to better test clients and submissions. To terminate a relationship with them if there is any risks.

Гривна окрепла и пошла в атаку на доллар: новый курс валют

We will remind, what keeps a third of the economy of Ukraine: “this was not 10 years.”

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians massively deprived of state aid, the grant will become a luxury.

Also Politeka wrote that on pension in 60 years, you can forget.