The hottest model threw a fully naked photo: “leaf instead of underpants”

Самая горячая модель ошарашила полностью голым фото: "листик вместо трусов"

Famous American model Emily Ratajkowski often pleases fans by posting hot photos on their social media pages

So, in your account in Instagram the beauty posted a picture where she’s fully Nude.

Emily Ratajkowski standing absolutely without clothes and covering her breast with hand and intimate place tucked away behind the flower.

Самая горячая модель ошарашила полностью голым фото: "листик вместо трусов"

Note that the pictures Ratajkowski appears before the subscribers bare, not uncommon on her page, but this time the post was created by the model in order to draw attention to one issue of acute problems in the USA today.

“This week 25 white men voted to ban abortions in Alabama, even in cases of incest and rape. These men in power, to impose its will on the bodies of women to maintain the Patriarchy and perpetuate the prison industrial complex, not allowing women with limited economic opportunities the right of choice not to reproduce. States trying to ban abortion, are the States with the largest number of black women. We are talking about class and race, and this is a direct attack on the fundamental human rights of women in the United States that deserve the protection of “ROE V. Wade”. Our bodies, our choice.” says in the post under the photo model.

Самая горячая модель ошарашила полностью голым фото: "листик вместо трусов"

Specify that “ROE V. Wade” — historic US Supreme Court decision on the legality of abortion. It is one of the most controversial and politically significant decisions in history.

Your post Emily Ratajkowski wants to draw attention to the problem of what a female body should be completely at the mercy of women, including addressing what to do with an unplanned child or, especially, a child conceived during the rape.

The publication has provoked much discussion, not all members agreed with the model.

“Come and see “a sonogram of an abortion” on YouTube, and your feelings may change when you see how an innocent child slowly torn apart. Did you know that the ultrasound shows that the child’s heart rate rises to 200 beats per minute and desperately trying to move away from the suction catheter in the last minutes of existence! This argument is much deeper than “my body, my choice”.”- wrote one of the not agreed of podeschi.

Самая горячая модель ошарашила полностью голым фото: "листик вместо трусов"

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