The horror “It” became the highest grossing in history, having raised 500 million at the box office

Based on the novel by Stephen king “It” went down in history of cinema, becoming the highest grossing horror movie.

Хоррор «Оно» стал самым кассовым в истории, собрав 500 млн в прокате


The horror “It”, shot by Andreas Moschetti, took his place in cinema history as the highest-grossing horror movie. This claim of foreign publications with reference to the head of marketing at Warner Bros. Sue Kroll.

At this point in the film already collected more than half a billion dollars. Before the “It” distribution is the most profitable to hire a horror movie was considered film the exorcist, released in 1973, which attracted more than $ 400 million at the box office.

Kroll said that the mark of 500 million – the norm for a good blockbuster, but for a horror film is a stunning result that will go down in history. And in the company of this fact are very proud of.

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