The highest volcano began erupting: “pillars of smoke and ash”

Самый высокий вулкан начал извергаться: «столбы дыма и пепла»

In Europe woke up one of the most dangerous active volcanoes

Public authorities refuse to evacuate.

The highest volcano in Europe, Etna began to erupt. Eyewitnesses reported that on the mountain of the two faults follows hot lava, its part has up to several hundred meters. Over the dormant volcano rises huge plumes of smoke and ash, reports the BBC.

Самый высокий вулкан начал извергаться: «столбы дыма и пепла»

The government may evacuate people living near the volcano or close the local airport.

According to volcanologists, has started an active phase of activity of mount Etna. How much this phrase will last, scientists can not say.

Etna is an active volcano located on the Eastern coast of Sicily, near the cities of Messina and Catania. It is the largest active volcano in Italy, surpassing its nearest “rival” Vesuvius more than 2.5 times. Height of Etna is 3 295 metres above sea level.

As we wrote earlier, the volcanoes represent a hidden deadly danger to all life on Earth, now a relatively small volcanoes cause to die people. The threat to humanity worldwide awakening dormant volcanoes.

So, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi erupted volcano Soputan. Relevant video and publish photographs of the witnesses in the network. There is information that a column of smoke rose to 4.8 km above sea level. The police have not yet reported of injuries or fatalities.

In addition, users post a video of the eruption of the volcano Fuego, one of the most active in Central America, according to us journalists.

“The evacuation is conducted in 10 communities that live near the volcano, just directly next to Fuego live about 2 thousand people. It is reported that evacuated 3925 people”, — stated in the message.

Last year the eruption of this volcano led to the deaths of several hundred people.

Самый высокий вулкан начал извергаться: «столбы дыма и пепла»

“At the moment there are explosions of the volcano at a height of 3763 feet. Hot stones and ash started to erupt in the sky and roll down the slope”, — stated in the message.

Additionally, the people of Hawaii will continue to suffer due to the eruption of the volcano Kilauea. At the time of the next eruption affected the tourist ship that was nearby.

People were on the boat, trying to get a closer look at the red-hot lava that poured into the ocean. In those same minutes the volcano spewed hot rocks, which broke through the roof of the boat and injured people.

Recall the form of volcanoes from space struck the astronaut.

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