The hellish heat is coming: the temperature skyrocketed, there was bad news

Адская жара уже близко: температура резко подскочит, появились плохие новости

Experts say that in most major cities in the world in the next 30 years will dramatically rise the temperature

To such conclusion researchers from the Higher technical school of Zurich, reports the scientific publication Plos One.

“Climatic conditions over 77% of the world’s major cities will change so that they would more resemble the conditions of other large towns located further South,” the statement reads.

Адская жара уже близко: температура резко подскочит, появились плохие новости

For “extremely optimistic about the” global temperature increase scientists in their calculations suggested that the average temperature will increase by 1.4 degrees.

Experts have found that by 2050 in the major cities of the Northern hemisphere will dominate the climatic conditions peculiar to much more southern territories in the present time.

On the basis of opinions of scholars in European cities, the summer temperatures will be higher by 3.5 degrees, and in winter by 4.7 degrees. For example, the climatic conditions in London will be to recall the weather in Madrid, and in Madrid will be hot, as in Moroccan Marrakech.

In connection with the new information, the researchers urged the international community to take further action to combat climate change.

Адская жара уже близко: температура резко подскочит, появились плохие новости

Earlier it was reported that even if the Earth to end global warming, it will not protect a glacier in Antarctica.

NASA employees found that the Thwaites glacier is approaching a critical level, the so-called “tipping point”. Note that the glacier melts and is a particular threat to mankind. The glacier becomes more unstable, leading to its destruction and increase of ocean levels by 50 centimeters. Even if global warming stops, the consequences of the melting will be irreversible.

Over the past six years, the ice loss rate from the five glaciers of Antarctica has increased five times in comparison with the beginning of the twentieth century.

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According to scientists, the melting rate of the ice expanding from the suburbs into the inner part of the continent. It is emphasized that in several places the thickness of the glaciers became shorter than 100 meters.

The Thwaites glacier is located in the Western part of the continent. It is considered the most vulnerable.

The destabilization of the glacier makes the possibility of the retreat of the ground line — this is an area when a glacier slides into the ocean and breaks free from the sea floor, becoming floating. Further, the glacier slides faster in the warm waters of the ocean.

According to preliminary estimates, the ice will melt for 150 years. The glacier is nothing to save from death, even if the average temperature on Earth will cease to grow.

We will remind, the fire disaster has befallen Russia.

As reported Politeka, powerful catastrophe gripped the Ukrainian land.

Also Politeka wrote that the irreversible catastrophe will destroy all of Europe.