The helicopter crashed into the river in the city centre: details of the emergency

Вертолет рухнул в реку в центре города: подробности ЧП

Aboard the aircraft were one pilot

The incident happened in new York.

There near the pier on the Bank of the Manhattan private helicopter crashed into the Hudson river on Wednesday. May 15.

It is reported that the pilot was the only person aboard. He was rescued by the NYPD and the office of the coast guard. According to doctors, the pilot was born in “the lucky shirt” – the victim did not sustain serious injury.

Вертолет рухнул в реку в центре города: подробности ЧП

Local police said that the helicopter flew to the landing site, located between 30th street Manhattan and the Hudson river, and crashed into the river.

“Rescuers pulled the pilot from the water, he was hospitalized,” — said in a statement to the police.

As previously reported, the helicopter of the Ministry of defence, which was more than a dozen people, was wrecked. This was reported by official representative of Committee of emergency situations of the Republic Nursultan Nurakhmetov.

“On March 27 at 17:35 (14:35 GMT) on the panel “112” received a message about the crash of the helicopter MI-8 in the Zhalagash region of Kyzylorda oblast. Helicopter under unknown circumstances has fallen and has completely burnt down”, — stated in the message.

It later emerged that at the time of the tragedy on Board the aircraft were 13 people.

“According to preliminary data, onboard there were 13 persons. the circumstances of the crash are investigated”, — underlined in the message.

We emphasize that the helicopter belonged to the Ministry of defense of Kazakhstan. After the fall, he burned.

The flight took place in the framework of the scientist special units “gold zhebe” in the dark. In addition, were difficult weather conditions.

Вертолет рухнул в реку в центре города: подробности ЧП

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