The heat was short-lived: summer in may went back on their word

Жара оказалась недолгой: лето в мае пошло на попятную

Quite summer weather will delight in most parts of Ukraine on Tuesday, may 21. However, still rainy clouds do not want to go over one of the regions

According to meteorologist, the weather in Ukraine Tuesday will be warm and even hot. But residents of the West and center will have to leave the house, taking the umbrella.

So, in Western Ukraine continues to be rainy for days in a row. At night the temperature here drops to +10…+12°C, in the daytime it is expected that the air warms up to +18…+20.

Tuesday the rain will be able to say “welcome” residents of Zhytomyr, Chernihiv and Kiev regions. The nights are cool – to +12…+14 and day +23…+25. In the Sumy region partly cloudy.

On the East it is also dry, however, the night temperature is not very please— +8…+10. However, the warm up will be the day in bright sunshine at +23…+25.

Residents of Central Ukraine should prepare for the fallout. Night in the region is expected to +13…+15, and in the afternoon the air warms up to +24…+26.

Residents of the southern part of our country, in Odessa and inhabitants of Odessa region, where he promised to be rain, will enjoy partly cloudy weather . Night temperature will be +13…+15 and day +23…+25°C.

In Crimea, Sunny, rain on the Peninsula will not reach. At night +13…+15 day +23…+25.

In Kiev will rain in the night, will not stop it and day. The night the air temperature will be +13…+15°C, and in the afternoon the air warms up to +23…+25.

East wind will blow with a speed of 7-12 m/s.

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