The heat rises in downtown with Willie and Dolly

equipe-creation-quebec-issime-fois(Sherbrooke) The traditional and the discovery met Thursday evening in downtown Sherbrooke. In addition Sherblues & Folk festival that makes the heart beat of the Wellington Street South since Thursday, the show Cowboys country: Willie to Dolly added its agreements at its first performance of the season.

The show was a full house for this first evening. “The presale is fine. We have a great show where every detail has been refined, “says Robert Doré, Cowboys producer. For the third year, the singers tread the boards instead Nikitotek in order to travel through time viewers.

“Sherbrooke is the birthplace of country in Quebec. There are so had big names that have emerged here, “he says, recalling the proximity to the United States, where the genre is very popular.

Through the 250 costumes and 13 paintings of the show, the singers are in the audience in a real machine to travel through time.

“Time does not stop, you should always update the show. We start from 1926 and back in time to 2016 and including all the classics. ”

Mainly on stage to stomp the crowd: Philippe Berghella, alternating with Marc-André Fortin, Dominique Godin, Yanick Lanthier, the Riverin sisters, Caroline, Karine and Marie-Ève. The latter shall be substituted for the occasion by Katheryn Martin, since it will be part of the team of Junior Voice.

“In Quebec, we have strong and beautiful voices. We’re just giving them a stage and they do experience intense emotions in public, “concludes producer filled with admiration for artists.

“It is thanks to our grandmother that we discovered the country.”

The audience was waiting for you to start this season. “We came to the first two last season, we could not miss this one,” said Cécile Tremblay, who was accompanied by her sister and two granddaughters.

“It is thanks to our grandmother that we discovered the country and we now know all the songs. It really is a family history of this show, “added Zaki Camellia, followed by her sister, Yasmine Zaki believes that the show will be as good,” if not better “than in previous years.

For some people, it was a baptism of the show, which is now part of the summer landscape of Sherbrooke. “We do not expect anything, just be amazed,” recount Lorraine Beaudoin and Guy Poirier.

“We heard a lot about when and was offered tickets, we jumped at the chance. ”

The pace of discovery

The gray weather did not flee the crowd Wellington Street South, ready to welcome in great Betty Bonifassi, preceded by Jesse Mac Cormack, in the Sherblues & Folk. Although both styles are very different, audiences are always ready to go and meet new music offered by the festival.

Marie-Claude Bosse brought her friend Janice Bourgoin, New Brunswick arrived for a visit in the Eastern Townships.

“There is not enough festivals like that where I come from. It’s a shame because it makes us discover emerging groups or simply groups is not known, “says the New Brunswicker. The two friends say this for music. “Even if there was an entry price, I would come,” adds Marie-Claude.

There was not as great who took advantage of the music and festival activities. The small Anielle and his mother, Christine Gascon, could enjoy the spectacle of street entertainers, while listening to the rhythm of the shows. “The fire eaters have scared him, but the men on the slackline crossing the street have really impressed,” says the mother of the child.

The center will remain alive all summer with these multiple activities. The Sherblues & Folk continues until Sunday, when Rachid Taha close the festivities at Ganada theater. The Cowboys show: Willie to Dolly will run until August 20, still in place Nikitotek.

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