The healthiest people on the planet do not exercise, and that’s what they do

Самые здоровые люди на планете не занимаются спортом, а вот что они делают

Scientists have found a way not to go to the gym and keep eternal youth

In the so-called “blue zones” (the inhabitants of which differ enviable longevity) people do not carry iron, do not participate in marathons and not sweat in the gym. They are in constant motion — working in the garden, in the yard and in the house, tend the garden, I walk a lot. It turns out that constant movement is the key to longevity.

However, you do not need to carry heavy weights or to train intensively to live long and stay healthy. When you walk to work or climb stairs, you are already moving. Try to get to the store by bike, and in the garden — walk.

Самые здоровые люди на планете не занимаются спортом, а вот что они делают

Make life more movement — two stops to the house you can walk, drive to the river and on the bike. Studies show that there is nothing better for your body than a 15-minute walk to work.

Recall beauticians suggest how to preserve youthfulness of skin this winter.

Wrinkles on the face in the winter are formed faster and therefore is particularly attentive to the skin care, hygiene and selection of protective equipment. This was told by the cosmetician Tatyana Fast.

Collagen fibers underlying the skin, absorb moisture from the epidermis, and therefore there is enough moisture, and depends on the appearance and elasticity of the skin. With age, the skin loses its elasticity due to the fact that collagen fibers become smaller. And if so, then liquid skin receives less, become more dry, and this is a direct path to the formation of wrinkles.

“Therefore, to delay their appearance, the skin needs to be constantly and intensely moisturize. To do this, use light creams for your skin type, drink plenty of pure water and don’t forget every evening, wipe the face tonic. To cook last better on their own, given the characteristics and the structure of your skin,” advises the specialist.

Самые здоровые люди на планете не занимаются спортом, а вот что они делают

For oily skin recommended this recipe: chop one lemon and pour him a glass of vodka. Leave for a week and a half and is a great tool ready. Wipe them on the face, once a week use as a mask. To do this, soak received infusion piece of gauze and put on face and neck for 10 minutes. The expert strongly recommends not to leave the vehicle for a longer time because the skin can “burn”.

For dry skin – mix a tablespoon of dried chamomile with the same amount of peppermint and calendula flowers. Pour a liter of good dry white wine. Insist for two weeks and filter. The resulting drug is recommended daily to wipe the face before going to bed.

In the autumn, while fresh fruits and vegetables are pretty affordable, cosmetologists are advised to regularly make a mask from crushed pulp of the fruit.

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