The health system is still ill

1190689Back two decades back in the days of the former Health Minister Jean Rochon, who with his proposed “early retirement” for the health sector staff brought chaos it.

Thereafter there was Pauline Marois, who leaked our qualified doctors, nurses outside Québec, and MM. Rémy Trudel and François Legault, who inherited a poisoned gift and who could not do much.

Happens afterwards Philippe Couillard for Health, finally a doctor! Everyone thinks that it will get better … well not! In 2008, it was the first of Yves Bolduc, yet a doctor, but no effective change either. As for Réjean Hébert, MD also, same result.

Finally, in 2014, two prominent doctors, Philippe Couillard, Prime Minister, and Gaétan Barrette, Minister of Health. So there, with two doctors in government, we thought it was going to really change! Well no!

First, MM. Couillard and Barrette (…) get along so well that they will never contradict.

On the other hand, Mr. Barrette does not act as a minister but as a doctor who allows his colleagues to line their pockets. (…).

There has also been the meteoric rise of private clinics with unfair tariffs and appointments priorities that penalize those who wait in the public system. In addition, some people deny themselves to go to these clinics.

Bureaucracy is always heavy with many unnecessary and protected employees-executives.

Moreover, by dint of giving too firm guidelines, it does not improve the system. (…) In 2016, our health system is still ill and did not solve the old problems.

Finally, if we look at all our ministers of health for two decades, it begs the question: are they relevant? I think so. But then, what are the problems that prevent them from taking concrete and sustainable decisions?

Finally, a new project, that of supercliniques to reduce emergency. We’ll see how effective this solution! If yes, we say congratulations Mr. Barrette.

Jean-Claude Royer,


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