The head of the Servants of the people Arakhamia stunned abusive trick: “B*DLO”

Глава Слуги народа Арахамия ошеломил матерной выходкой: "Б*дло"

The head of the “servant of the people” David Arakhamiya admitted to using profanity with colleagues

He called “normal” use of mats in conversation with the deputies, which caused a wave of criticism online. Video confession appeared on the YouTube channel “Direct”.

“Andrei Bogdan can use profanity — as well as I do, like any MP. But it’s our inner circle, we communicate in a raised voice, and it’s okay,” he said.

Arakhamia added that uses the mats even more than the head of the OP.

“They’re pathetic little people. redneck ill-mannered”, “the Kind of idiot Xalapa”, “you’re so mean”, “So this is the norm with a shortage of education and training,” wrote the network.

Глава Слуги народа Арахамия ошеломил матерной выходкой: "Б*дло"

Глава Слуги народа Арахамия ошеломил матерной выходкой: "Б*дло"

As recently became known, the mats can afford and President Vladimir Zelensky. It turned out that in dealing with his team he can be quite hard to get angry and even swear. But the swearing of the President is not perceived negatively, saying that if Zelensky at someone swearing, then he trusts this man.

Distinguished recently abusive trick and MP ORT Servants of the people, as well as the founder of the clinic “Boris” Michael radutskii. In Parliament he led the conversation on the phone about the candidates for the post of head of the Ministry of health. Journalists photographed her sdaleka, and when increased, was in shock.

“My man Zoryana Chernenko” wrote radutsky.

“And then all p#zdyat that Suprun”, — he received in response.

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“X#them in the ass!!!” — responded radutsky.

When the scandalous correspondence came in the media, the MP commented on it as follows.

“It was a personal correspondence. Me three days accused that allegedly support the candidate Suprun, and I do not support. I three days to hear: “do You support Suprun, we don’t vote for it,” said radutsky.

Recall Zelensky met with Kolomoisky on everyone’s mind.

As reported Politeka, Palchevsky said, who “helped” Zelensky to form a government.

Also Politeka wrote that Kolomoisky has developed a cunning scheme for the sale of coal.