The hard eating jungle

officiellement-inaugure-octobre-marche-public(Shawinigan) at the same date as late as last year, the Shawinigan watching the evolution of two ambitious projects that would revolutionize the offer for foodies.

However, while the End neighborhood will not even had time to celebrate his first birthday before putting the key under the door, the new version of the Public Market Shawinigan is doing better thanks to its regulars and the craze caused by its transformation.

At least that is what Justine believes Prud’homme, executive director of the cooperative, which however stressed the scale of the challenge in this extremely competitive environment.

In Shawinigan, the population can count on grocers to large area that offer a great variety of products, as well as supply specialized services such as Boucherie Nobert, Pastry Palace or bakery Every Sunday days that attract their share faithful.

“The food industry is a field of its own,” says the businesswoman, business owner Chef Justine.

“It does not support as another area. This is more fragile: there is a lot of competition, it needs a skilled workforce without very large salaries to offer. Labor moves so much. ”

“We must be near the product, because we work with perishable items and it does not handle the same way. The food sector is particularly, it’s more risky. ”

With this analysis in mind and its experience in the field, Ms. Prud’homme found that building the neighborhood End in Shawinigan-Sud sector was all a gamble.

“I thought it was ambitious,” which should not, however, miss the opportunity to highlight the audacity to Nathalie Milette.

“Knowing the demands of customers and merchants, I found that there were many square feet to cover. It also makes products that people will seek every week, even every day to have a good turnover. ”

“I really wanted him it works, but I’m not surprised (closing). I’m surprised it lasted so little time. ”

Good business
The cure of youth that has become the public market was very well received. Ms. Prud’homme explains that the weekly ridership rose passages 1500 to 7000 last fall, thanks to the novelty effect and the hours of opening reclaimed.

The manager is also delighted with the public response for music Sundays and various courses offered.

“We are super happy!”, She says, although it recognizes that this craze will be tempered since the beginning of the year, a normal situation in the retail trade.

It is estimated that currently between 4,000 and 5,000 people visit the Public Market Shawinigan Wednesday to Sunday.

“The customer is there, people are happy,” she continues. “Traders who are long gone have seen a marked improvement. For those who are starting, some dazzling starts and for others it is slower. It depends on trade and energy you put into it. ”

The district End of closing she will encourage consumers to turn more to the Public Market Shawinigan? Hard to say for now, thought Mrs. Prud’homme.

“People were comparing the two a lot,” she agrees. “For the moment I can not say if it will impact on our traffic. We will continue to do everything possible to forward that is positioned to become the most beautiful and the most prosperous market in Quebec! ”

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