The halter for big dogs

sans-cibler-pitbulls-ville-sherbrooke(Sherbrooke) Like the Municipality of Sainte-Julie, the City of Sherbrooke amending its regulations on dangerous dogs. Outside private land, dogs over 20 kg must wear a halter.

The halter is a device that surrounds the muzzle of the dog and limiting the opening of his mouth without obstructing his breathing. The regulation will be formally adopted at the next council meeting on 4 July.

The more, the City of Sherbrooke recalls that in public places, including in parks, dogs must be leashed, regardless of the size of the animal. Pens canine parks are exceptions. “An information campaign will be launched to remind our regulations on the management of dangerous dogs. A directive was given to the Sherbrooke Police Service which will focus on compliance. There will be no racial profiling. We stick to dangerous dogs. A German shepherd or a golden whose drive is not rigorous can also be dangerous, “said Mayor Bernard Sévigny, who refuses to specifically target pit bulls.

Similarly, the over 20 kg dog owners living in a rental building will maintain their pet on a leash when they walk in the door of their home.

“Like Montreal and Quebec, the majority of the board members wanted us to move towards better protection. Because we have a law that is already very well applied, we decided to align with the decision of Sainte-Julie imposing the halter for dogs 20 kg or more. This is the only change and we will put all the resources to implement it. We will still have a little time for people to get a halter, “says Sevigny.

Pending guidance

The City of Sherbrooke will await further directives from the round table set up by the Ministries of Municipal Affairs, Justice and Agriculture. This committee, which involved the Union of Quebec Municipalities, will table a report on 31 August about pitbulls.

“We will probably meet again a regulatory framework for all of Quebec. If there is a legislative measure, it will go in September before it is adopted. I’ll argue that cities must have flexibility depending on their situation and if they have measures that are effective, it will take into account. We still take direction to strengthen the regulations against dangerous dogs to reassure the population and send a signal that we must keep dogs on a leash. ”

The SPA has added a resource to ensure that the existing rules on animal was respected. Fines for non-compliance with Regulation are $ 100 plus costs, for a first offense, and can reach $ 2,000 for a subsequent offense.

Remember that a dog deemed dangerous by the SPA will be euthanized. Dogs at risk will be subject to specific guidelines to avoid unfortunate events.

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