The habits of the circuits which are always clean kitchen

These simple but effective tips will help you to save time spent in the kitchen.

Звички охайної господині у якої завжди чиста кухня

Kitchen cleaning, especially if you have a large family, – a thankless task. Cooking, washing dishes, garbage, leftover food – all moving in a circle from day to day. Sometimes it seems that simply do nothing to prepare, informs Rus.Media.

But if you take note of good habits, your kitchen will Shine with cleanliness, and the free time will be much greater. Spend it for the hobby, or hanging out with loved ones!

How to clean the kitchen

Each dish is a clean sheet

Before doing this remove all the excess from the working surface, dishwashers and sinks. Do this always, because the most difficult and boring is to clean up the mess of unnecessary junk.

Organize the storage of products and devices in the kitchen. Purchase hooks, shelves. Cooking and cleaning will become easier, and a clean countertop will become a place of culinary feats.

Cleaning is an integral part of the process

There is one important principle for all professional chefs and good cooks. To prevent the clutter of devices and dirty dishes, just wash and put into place, hide in the cupboard or fridge remains of food.

When we cook, there are often pauses the pan is heated, water boils Here at this time, all wash, wipe, put back in place. Of course, it takes a little force, but not add extra work after a meal.

Portable refuse container

Many manufacturers of kitchens, you can find countertops with the special tanks, which you can easily get rid of the husks and crumbs, dirty floors and save time.

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If you don’t want to punch the tank into the tabletop, do yourself a mini-trash of the circumcision of a plastic bottle, the container from under the ice or out of the ordinary package. It will also save your time.

Prevent pollution!

If your apartment is not equipped with a powerful extractor fan, and your favorite method of cooking – frying, then no doubt your wardrobe and the ceiling is threatening the layer of fat that is very difficult to get rid of. To avoid this, cover the pan with special lid-screen.

If you find it difficult every time to wash a plate, cover it with foil – most of the spray oil will be left in it. And not to scrub pans and letters, make it a habit to cook all the parchment in the sleeve or foil – moreover, it is useful.

Don’t leave anything in the plate

Stop collecting leftovers in the fridge! Do not expect that anyone will want to eat the last spoonful of soup or vickrant the remnants of cream from the jar. From that piece of sausage do not get a normal sandwich. Dose or throw away – this will save you from odor, mold and infections.

Stock up on stickers

All products that you store, must be fresh, otherwise the inventory will turn into the garbage that can hurt you. Realize and accept the fact that you will not be able to simultaneously hold in mind that you need to pass the quarterly report, Friday’s parent meeting, and the milk you opened on Tuesday. Your brain is so clogged with rubbish information – don’t overload it even more! Write the date on the colored naklejka and close the door with peace of mind.

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The table can also be vacuumed

The usual crumbs bring so much inconvenience! So now they are on the table, and in a minute be in bed. The perfect solution would be to purchase rechargeable mini vacuum cleaner.

Wash dishes before going to bed

Don’t go to sleep until all the dishes will not be washed. Move, not to turn in the morning rush to the kitchen upside down. Be sure to wash the sink.

These simple but effective tips will help you to save time spent in the kitchen. Be sure to share them with friends and you will be able to get to friendly gatherings!

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