The guy did from the car of his girlfriend the big stuffed dog

The guy from the UK due to loss of feelings to his lover decided to surprise her. For this craftsman made the machine his girlfriend a large stuffed dog, which drew the attention of the Agency by The Daily Mail.

A young British woman named coral Willson repeatedly hinted to my boyfriend that he needs to look for a job, but she did not even know what it means. The young man was so taken up tuning that decided to change the car of his girlfriend. However, he promised a sweetheart that she doesn’t know his own car.

The guy used the fur to cover them the whole body of the car of his girlfriend. In addition, the car was a place of artificial dog’s nose and ears. So the craftsman gave the car a kind plush dog. The British named the vehicle the Rover. In recognition of the girl, she was taken aback when you first look at your car, after enduring such an unusual tuning. The source notes that vehicle on the go. Also the Briton said that the guards have become accustomed to her car, and if you stop her, only to be photographed.

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