The guards Remparts market

philippe-boucher-confie-gardien-numero(Quebec) The reconstruction of the Quebec Remparts may accelerate due to the depth they have in goal. Head coach and general manager Philippe Boucher arrived in Charlottetown on Monday with the intention of listening to what his QMJHL counterparts to offer for one of his two guards, either Callum Booth and Evgeny Kiselev .

“Without that it is a priority, it is a very important issue. We are here to try to improve our club in the short, medium and long term. If we can do it through our guards, we’ll do it, “said the Red Devil head in a telephone interview with The Sun, Tuesday, after 27 holes of golf spent with his comrades of the circuit.

The QMJHL Entry Draft is held in Prince Edward Island on Saturday and the foundation officially open Wednesday. Already, Boucher does not rule out the idea of ​​exchanging one of its two doormen 19 if the return suits him.

“That being said, I would not be surprised that both start the season with us, but there are times when you have to listen, where you can compromise, and the draft is one of the most important periods for make. We are not here to do a fire sale. And if it’s not in Charlottetown this week, it will be in training camp or the trading period at Christmas, “said Boucher.

Kiselev surprised

Baie-Comeau acquired in exchange for a 10 th round in the first weeks of last season, Kiselev played 35 games while playing in Booth 39. The Russian doorman also benefited from an injury to the latter for spend the entire month of March and four playoff games in the blue half circle.

“Kiselev surprised us and they are two keepers of the same age who want the net. On one side or the other, we must be attentive to the good of the organization and that of the two guards who deserve to play a more auxiliary role in this league, “said Boucher added.

The general manager said do not yet know the value of his two masked men. “The market will dictate what can be achieved, but for this, we must listen to and talk with our colleagues from other teams to know. It is not I who will dictate, what are the other clubs that show interest. I know, for cons, there are two quality keepers. Callum [Booth] has proved its worth for a long time, while Kiselev has proven, year. The good goalkeepers are a rare commodity in our league, we have the luxury to have two that can give us a chance to win every game. ”

Booth was a third-round pick in 2013. The fourth-round pick from Carolina in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft was not spared, last season, suffering from an appendectomy and injury to ‘groin. He kept a record of 16-15-5 and a goals against average of 3.15 against 4.00 for Kiselev. Tuesday, we did not found his name among the guests of the Group of 20 and under for the annual Camp of Excellence Program Hockey Canada guards.

“I know you want me to talk, but now there is nothing to say,” replied Philippe Boucher, refusing to take the bait thrown at him. For now, the Chief Remparts has two choices in the second round or the 33 and 37th of the draft, and two more in the third, but this is expected to change … “I wish I could move me the top 10, but for now, I doubt it. We will see the appearance of the draft to see if we seek to do so or if we will select the players you love to our rank. There is a nice depth after the first 10-12. Unless climb very high, we can not think that a young fished weekend transform our club next season. Some will be grafted to our core, others continue their development and will do in a few years, “said Boucher, noting that the Remparts had a gap in the attack and that they were better off at the blue line and in front the net.

A new deputy menu

Head coach of the Remparts dream to proceed with the hiring of a new deputy to replace the vacancy left by the dismissal of Martin Laperrière, a few weeks after the end of the season. He has already received job offers and discussed verbally with some candidates who have offered their services for help. “I have lunches provided next week. We have already discussed the matter, Jacques [Tanguay] and I will do it again this weekend, and we’ll see how things will unfold, but ideally, we would have another deputy, “recounted one that will work also in conjunction with Daniel Renaud and goalkeeper coach, Maxime Ouellet.

Credit card pay
Crossing Jordan, Philippe Boucher still believes that success now goes through the repechage. The route of the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies, who lost the Memorial Cup in overtime against London on Sunday showed. “Rouyn-Noranda was a machine I loved the final, I am rarely angry watching a game, but I was and I wanted so much they earn. This is a team that has been built through the draft, through the development and patience. This is how to do it now, it’s our turn to go through it. “But first, a warrant waiting. “At some point, you have to pay its debts. We were already on a busy credit card when I arrived, and took out a second and a third at the Memorial Cup. The current dynamic is different, we are not here to pick up Ryan Graves or Nikolas Brouillard, “said the hockey man, who also placed on the European draft, the camp of the trade period and surprises than -ci to rebuild.

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