The gruesome details of the death of the famous musician, mom told the truth: “Pumped”

Ужасные подробности смерти знаменитого музыканта, мама рассказала правду: "Накачивали"

The mother of the deceased rapper Lil People sued his managers and accused them of the death of his son

So, the mother of the deceased 21-year-old rapper Lil People Lisa Womack filed a lawsuit on his managers and accused them of involvement in his death. The claim was put forward in the address of the First Access Entertainment. About it reports TMZ.

She believes that the employees of the company during the last tour, the rapper had supplied him with drugs and encouraging their use, which led eventually to the death of the artist.

Ужасные подробности смерти знаменитого музыканта, мама рассказала правду: "Накачивали"

The lawsuit alleges that Lip PIP regularly supplied xanax, ketamine and other substances. As stated by the mother of the deceased star that her son wanted to stop the tour because he felt the moral and physical exhaustion. But management ignored his complaints, “pumping him with drugs”.

In may 2017, the rapper was allowed to compete in Los Angeles, despite the “almost comatose state,” Womack said in a lawsuit. Before the concert in El Paso Manager Belinda Mercer advised Lil PIP to take more xanax to the insurance company to pay compensation for the cancellation of the tour, according to the mother of the singer. After this incident, the young rapper was killed.

Ужасные подробности смерти знаменитого музыканта, мама рассказала правду: "Накачивали"

In turn the company against which he was nominated by the lawsuit, denied the allegations. Moreover, the representatives said that repeatedly tried to dissuade rapper from drug use. But he did not obey and continued their addiction.

It will be recalled that the rapper died in 2017 in the state of Arizona on his tour bus.

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