The Groupe Laroche project receives strong support

vice-president-groupe-laroche-eric(Sherbrooke) Concern for traffic on Laval Street and questions about the fate of the forest are not enough to curb the citizens’ Brompton residential project designed by the Groupe Laroche behind the high school Bromptonville. At the meeting organized citizen Wednesday they were fifty, ready to ask the proponent to predominantly applaud the initiative.

The project would be implemented in two phases, includes the opening of a street through the commercial development which will include a Tim Hortons near the street of SMEs. One hundred residential units, primarily in four to six dwellings are planned.

A park is also provided at the entry and development of a pedestrian crossing give a second access from Laval Street.

About 80% of the forested area owned by the Groupe Laroche, a sugar bush location of a sugar shack, would be preserved. Much of the land developer is also located outside the urban area and can not be developed until about fifteen years.

Reassured the population

To reassure the public, the Laroche Group transported citizens on the site in question to situate the project. Citizens who would make it themselves would see the development area bounded by pink flags.

Michel Dupras, urban planner, explained that this area at the entrance to the district is one of only two places where residential development can be achieved in Brompton. The proximity of a secondary school and municipal services make it a logical site for the addition of residential buildings, he says.

The biologist Jacques Mongeau has meanwhile found a wet, a century-old maple forest and species vulnerable ferns that would not be threatened by the project.

The Vice President of Groupe Laroche, Eric Laroche, has meanwhile indicated that sidewalks would be added along the rue Laval, to be urbanized. He is willing to finance part of the urbanization work. An agreement has also occurred with the high school to allow access to the woodland, to the sugar bush and sugar shack for students and teachers.

“We already have requests for land.”

The citizen André Lacharité noted the congestion at the intersection of rue Bourgeoys, the problem raised by many who do not improve with a new development. Lyne Moreau, it hopes a pedestrian link that will allow young children to walk to primary school without having to Laval Street. Jean-Pierre Émond wanted to know if the treatment plant could receive wastewater of the new district.

“We have had no indication that there would be a problem,” said Eric Laroche.

Cathy Lopez has meanwhile stressed that a hundred houses are for sale in Brompton. “If you built in other, is that it will be viable? ”

“We already have requests for land,” replied Eric Laroche, who said that the project would not take off within two years. A change in the development plan will be needed and a request will be addressed to the Government of Quebec to do this.

Donald Bouchard, who spoke on behalf of the community of the Sacred Heart Brothers, said that the community was defending the values ​​of sustainable development and the protection of 80% of the forest on the land like him much.

Nicole Bergeron counselor concluded by adding that lobby the government would seamlessly. “We do this with the consent of the people. If I did not feel a citizens’ support, we would not demand to change the development plan. ”

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