The Ground collapsed a magnetic storm of unprecedented strength: how to protect yourself

На Землю обрушилась магнитная буря невиданной силы: как уберечься

On Earth began the largest in the last two years, geomagnetic storm

This became known after the corresponding message “Vesti”. This phenomenon is associated with current solar activity, which in recent time has greatly increased. It should be noted that the magnetic storm could cause auroras, interference in radio and wellbeing of people.

Researcher of the laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun Lebedev physical Institute Sergey Bogachev says that the strength of the storm reaches three points on a scale in accordance with the level of impact on people, animals, electrical, communication and navigation.

На Землю обрушилась магнитная буря невиданной силы: как уберечься

Note that the maximum mark in five points are assigned to only an extremely powerful magnetic storms. The perturbation of the geomagnetic field of the Earth began on the morning of Tuesday, may 14, and will last until the evening. It is reported that the Earth’s geomagnetic field returns to normal only at night. Experts believe that people who are quite sensitive to weather changes, especially for residents of cities today, to be careful. Recall that a geomagnetic storm is a variation in the strength of the magnetic field of the Earth caused by the flow in the vicinity of a planet perturbed streams of solar wind consisting of ionized particles.

На Землю обрушилась магнитная буря невиданной силы: как уберечься

Earlier it was reported that British scientists from Birmingham University have found that when there was the death of the Sun.

The subsequent explosion on the star will lead to the destruction of all living organisms on Earth and other planets of the Solar system.

Professor bill Chaplin said that the Sun is a fusion reactor of gigantic proportions. Its main fuel is hydrogen. Given this, the scientist calculated that the star will end the most common element in the Universe that supports its radiance.

So, according to calculations by the research team, humanity is not seriously worried by the slow impending disaster, as stocks of hydrogen the Sun will last another five billion years. After this period, an explosion happens, in which it shall consume the Earth, all living organisms on it and the other planets of the Solar system. After that, the Sun will become a little star, which will be surrounded by cold planet.

Also recall that the expert was told about the mysterious planet killer Nibiru.

As reported Politeka, a researcher in the field of astrophysics and space Valentin Gaden showed a future Earth.

Even Politeka wrote that astronomers analyzed the results of some studies relating to “Planet X” or Nibiru.