The gross external debt of Ukraine decreased in the second quarter

The gross external debt of Ukraine at the beginning of July 2018 was $113,751 billion, which is 1.47%, or $1.7 billion less than at the beginning of the year, according to the website of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) on Tuesday.

Валовый внешний долг Украины сократился во втором квартале

According to the Central Bank, the debt of public administration for the first half decreased by 1.98% to $38,118 billion, the NBU 6.1%, to $6,984 billion, Depository corporations — by 5.27%, to $5.9 billion, of other sectors – on 0,57%, to $53,042 billion Increased only the amount of obligations for direct investment — on 1,62%, to $9,707 billion.

The obligations of the NBU and almost all government debt is represented by long-term borrowing.

The lion’s share of the gross external debt are presented in US dollars is 72%. Another 12.9 percent is accounted for in euros, 11.2% in SDR (special drawing rights).

The national Bank also says that the net gross external assets by the end of June 2018 has increased to $7,968 billion from $5,032 billion at the end of April and $4,111 billion at the end of 2017.

As reported, Ukraine’s state Debt in 2017 increased by 11.1% to 1833,7 billion, or $65.3 billion, including external – to $38.5 billion, but relative to GDP it has declined from 69.2 per cent to 61.5%, and taking into account the guaranteed government debt of 80.9% of GDP to 71,8% of GDP.

At the end of the first half of 2018, the national debt stood at 1,732 trillion UAH, or $66,14 billion, including – $and 37.52 billion, and total — 1,998 trillion UAH, or $76,29 billion.

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