The groom left the bride before the wedding: “let his best friend too much…”

Жених бросил невесту накануне свадьбы: "позволила его лучшему другу лишнего..."

28-year-old man admitted in a Reddit AMA that the day before her wedding left the bride for its “care attitude” to the dog

According to the young person, a decision he took after a bachelorette party that his bride made their shared apartment, reports The Sun.

Жених бросил невесту накануне свадьбы: "позволила его лучшему другу лишнего..."

The girl promised to look after the dog when the guy went for the weekend to parents, however, did not cope with this task. Pet unattended ate a few chocolates, and then he became ill.

“At five o’clock on Saturday morning she called me and said that with a dog something not so. She was drunk, so I sent her to the vet in a taxi. When I arrived on the scene, she looked as if she would cry for hours and couldn’t speak. Her two friends told me that dog is alive, but he’s very ill,” wrote guy. He hugged the bride and comforted her until he found out what happened actually.

As it turned out, the drunk girl and her friends left chocolate and drinks on the tables, and the dog roamed between them and ate sweets. When they returned home, the groom drove the bride and said that the wedding is off.

“I realized that it’s not the dog, and its disregard for the lives of other people and animals. It is better to be a bastard than to have to worry every time a kid stays with it,” summed up the man.

Жених бросил невесту накануне свадьбы: "позволила его лучшему другу лишнего..."

Recall that in China the ex-girlfriend of the groom tried to disrupt his wedding.

About the video of the ceremony, wrote the newspaper the Daily Mail.

The video shows how wearing the wedding dress, Chinese woman catches on his knees before the man and shouts: “It was my fault!”

Then, she begs someone else’s fiancé back to her. All happened in front of an angry bride. The girl climbed up on the stage when the couple were about to kiss. Seeing the other girl decided to leave.

After some time, the Chinese said that I broke up with a former lover, as they do not “get along”. The man even could not assume that she will come to his wedding.

The master of ceremonies tried to save the situation, remembering the Chinese proverb: “Love is the decision to devote his life to someone else,” but this further angered the bride and her family.

Commentators on Chinese social network Weibo condemned the act of ex-girlfriend of the groom.

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