The groom died of grief after the death of the bride searched for her for many years, the details of the tragedy

Жених умер от горя после смерти невесты: искал ее очень много лет, детали трагедии

The tragedy happened to the lovers in the UK

41-year-old Stuart Cooper (Stuart Cooper) knew his bride Kerry still at school, but the pair started Dating only three years ago, they got engaged on Christmas of 2018 and this was the last joint happy event in their life…

The details of the adversity that happened to the lovers, writes The Mirror:

“The couple planned to get married soon after the engagement. However, in July Kerry died suddenly”. A resident of the English County of Leicestershire, the beloved of the deceased was the fiancé Stuart Cooper just turned black from grief and could not come to terms with this loss. But later it became known about the irreparable:

“He died of grief only months after the death of his beloved,” — said relatives of the men to the local journalists. Adam, the best friend of Cooper, has previously admitted to reporters that his friends could not come to terms with the loss of Carrie, and now life is gone and a friend:

“He had so long searched for the perfect partner and was very happy when they have Kerry began a relationship. The only consolation that I find is the idea that they are reunited. I will miss him. We talked every day,” said Adam English media.

Жених умер от горя после смерти невесты: искал ее очень много лет, детали трагедии

It is also known that the sister of the Briton Kirsty created a page on the website of the charity center on the Internet in memory of him. All funds raised will go to help sick children:

“Stewart has a huge heart and more than anything he loved his family and friends. We’d like to do something nice in memory of him,” reads the inscription on the page. How exactly the man died in the source material is not reported.

Recall also, the young men died a horrible death. The tragedy of the lovers has occurred in Peru. The video was recorded the death of a pair.

It is known that the day before irreparable couple returning from night club. After a walk, they decided on the way home to wrap up on a romantic local Bethlehem bridge:

“On the railing climbed the girl and started kissing guy” In just a few seconds the worst happened — she started to fall, the boy tried to grab her and save, but in vain. The young man himself could not resist and along with the girl fell into the abyss:

“The girl died on the spot while her lover is on the way to hospital”, — stated the local physicians.

Video amazing — all removed street camera — such a ridiculous death…

Recall also that the tragedy with the young people played out the day before and shocked the US and Canada. Two tourists shot during the holidays, their bodies dumped on the side of the highway. A terrible accident happened in Canada — in the North of British Columbia.

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Жених умер от горя после смерти невесты: искал ее очень много лет, детали трагедии

“Found dead near their parked van”.

It is known that the police started the investigation into the deaths of tourists. Young people were killed – a pair of travellers 24-year-old American Hinn Deasy and 23-year-old Australian Lucas Fowler. Moreover, from Australia to Canada arrived the father of the deceased. Male police officer and will participate in the investigation of the death of his son.

“Previously, they were killed next to his van parked on the side of the highway” — voiced version for local media operatives.

It is also known that on the eve of the irreparable, the pair made a forced stop due to a malfunction of your car:

“Then they were approached by an unknown man”, — eyewitnesses told police. According to those same witnesses were drawn sketch of the man who approached the children:

“Stranger is not a suspect in the murder, wanted him as a witness,” said the police of the region.

Recall that in the amusement Park tragedy on the carousel: we know about the victims.

As reported Politeka popular entertainment for children was almost turned into tragedy in Odessa.

Also Politeka wrote that the monster took the life of a little girl, creepy details.