The great Raymond Bouchard

represailles-raymond-bouchard-incarne-homme(KINGSEY FALLS) We were annoyed to see Raymond Bouchard on the boards. And we remember why soon after seeing Retaliation, the new production of the Théâtre des Grands Chenes in Kingsey Falls.

It’s simple: Raymond Bouchard is a complete player who excels as playing the great tragedies that light comedies, including the text of the French author Eric Assous. Not wanting to be the rest of the cast, the actor has a lot to the success of the show.

I must say it was a character in gold: his Francis is an incorrigible womanizer and macho detestable whose best years are winding. Having discovered the truth, his wife Rose (Gabrielle Mathieu) finally decides to confront his lies and make him pay. Francis therefore risk of his life fall apart and, one suspects, will be ready for the worst humiliations to avoid collapse. This will place it in very uncomfortable situations and make him say outrageous whoppers … to the delight of the audience.

Reprisal is largely based on Francis’s attempts to get by, but its secrets are revealed one after the other, he bégaiera once. And Raymond Bouchard has very composition of effort required to get there. It has to be on the right note, deliver the right mimicry, he succeeds every time, helped to do this by characters (and great playing partners) seem to have been created only for the showcase. Stepping stones that propel it forward.

Hilarious break

Retaliation opens the day of the wedding of Melissa (Sylviane Rivest Beauséjour), the only daughter of Francis and Rose. A day that should be only happiness … if it had not been for this mysterious woman with whom Francis spent all evening … For Rose, it is the height! Her confessing that she knows everything (or so she thought), she forces him to break with his mistress. What will be done (in one of the funniest scenes of the evening) … until another secret is accidentally revealed.

The text of Eric Assous is so skillfully constructed as a series of Russian dolls, each bringing another revelation, giving a pretty rhythmic show. The director Andre-Marie Coudou has also complied with this mechanical accurately calculated. Only the end of the first act is proceeding somewhat stagnant.

And even if the show is generally funny, it’s still the general impression that all these people could afford one more layer. Perhaps the director he wanted in his direction of actors, do not fall into the extreme vaudeville, often reproach the summer theater (sometimes rightly), but we are in a French comedy . We would have forgiven Rose to be a bit more hysterical and hateful to Melissa, succumbing more to neurosis Julien (homosexual character played by Jean-Bernard Hébert), to be a little formulaic (especially that we refer to it as a possible “aunt”).

Gabrielle Mathieu, who had a lot of text to learn, as has the difficult task of playing straightwoman her funny husband. Not easy to identify the humor, though many replicas are properly sent. The appearances of Myriam Poirier, who plays multiple mistresses, always flamboyant. Oddity: the character of Charles Manson (Jean-Léon Rondeau), whose very brief (and almost extraterrestrial) appearance leaves aback. We laughed, wondering what just happened, especially since the character does not reappear.

The Theatre of Great Oaks also is a room with some echo, careful to project forward, otherwise we lose replicas.

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