“The graves”: Zelensky has made an urgent statement after a series of fatal accidents in Ukraine

«Это гробы»: Зеленский сделал срочное заявление после ряда смертельных ДТП в Украине

Vladimir Zelensky reacted to the massive traffic accident that happened yesterday in Ukraine

In an accident in Odessa and Zhytomyr regions people died.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky after two large-scale fatal accidents in Ukraine has made an urgent statement. He instructed the government to first deal with safety of passenger traffic in the country. This is stated in the message of Office of the President in Facebook.

«Это гробы»: Зеленский сделал срочное заявление после ряда смертельных ДТП в Украине

“The head of state instructed the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to take control of the investigation of accidents, and also ordered the government to take the necessary measures to prevent the recurrence of similar cases. In addition, Vladimir Zelensky pointed to the Cabinet on the need to include the security of passenger transport the main priorities of its work”, – stated in the message on the social network.

Zelensky also expressed condolences to the families and friends of those killed in mass traffic accident in Zhytomyr and Odessa regions.

“The problem is neovaginal themselves vodw, Speed decrease, as in Europe. Pity the people. Check the radar and let them come to them letters. A scary way to go when on a Zebra fly past at 100 km will Not have time to think, where to go, forward or backward. A bus is a coffin. Need trains or large buses. In the day killed up to 7 people and no one cares,” wrote Internet user in the comments under the post.

As we wrote earlier, the result of a large-scale accident with a bus near Odessa on September 21, nine people were killed in the result of collision of buses and trucks. Read more about the crash victims told friends and family they people. So it became known that among those killed was a 17-year-old leader of the local musical group mark Redkin. The guy was a drummer, and guitar music is adored, was engaged in charity projects and very loved life.

«Это гробы»: Зеленский сделал срочное заявление после ряда смертельных ДТП в Украине

Mark was from a large family, to the ill-fated day the young man went to a rehearsal in the Odessa – free to teach children willing to play the guitar. He was the leader of the teenage group at Church, played guitar, drums, managed the sound engineering console.

Also the mother of one of the victims, Tatyana tsaryova told that her son, a passenger minibus, went to the hospital for the first time to see her baby. A 42-year-old Andrew Shcherbitsky, according to media reports, was preparing to become a father: he was going to be a long-awaited firstborn.

Also a terrible accident occurred near Zhitomir. There is a fuel truck driver rammed a tourist bus, killing 9 people. 55-year-old driver is in hospital under guard. The man said that the accident happened quickly, but to avoid collision it was not possible.

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«Это гробы»: Зеленский сделал срочное заявление после ряда смертельных ДТП в Украине

The driver arrived from Volhynia, has 37 years of experience behind the wheel of a car. From the large numbers of victims saved by the fact that was empty — stripped. Soon the man must choose a measure of restraint.

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