The granddaughter of the legendary molfar predicted a frightening future of Ukraine: “it ends…”

Внучка легендарного мольфара предсказала пугающее будущее Украины: "Все закончится..."

Olga, granddaughter molfar Goy, said he is waiting for Ukraine in the near future and will be able to return Crimea to Ukraine

Known molfar Goy, whose real name is Andrey Atamanyuk predicted the destruction of Moscow and the fall of its ruler under the ground. Goy died 22 years ago, but as spoken in the highlands gift was handed to the granddaughter. Since then, she can diagnose disease. This molfarka Olga sometimes takes up to a hundred people per day. Future she learned to read from the age of 11 – can see the lyrics on the water.

Granddaughter of the famous Carpathian mage Goy, spoke about the future of Ukraine. Chat with woman managed reporters news service TSN. Olga agreed to read the future, but tried not to specify.

Внучка легендарного мольфара предсказала пугающее будущее Украины: "Все закончится..."

“I’m not into politics,” said a hereditary witch.

Peaceful skies of Ukraine will see in two years. It will be another bloody Maidan, says Olga. Crimea will return to Ukraine, but certainly not in the near future, only several years later.

“I can only say that the war will be two years. Still good two years, but all will end well here in Ukraine. In two years will start the improvement of life”, — says Olga.

Внучка легендарного мольфара предсказала пугающее будущее Украины: "Все закончится..."

Also earlier it was reported that the strongest of the molfar predicted many events that occurred in the history of Ukraine, his latest prophecy still scares many. Latest unique Carpathian molfar Michael Nechay was murdered in the summer of 2011. However, before his death, he predicted the events in Ukraine in the years ahead.

The news of the death of the legendary molfar shocked Ukrainians. It is still unknown why this happened actually. It is quite evident that ordinary at first glance, the 81-year-old grandfather knew too much and so his killer could be as a religious bigot and someone who wants to take revenge on the elder.

Molfar predicted the future of Ukraine and talked about politics long before they appeared in the political arena.

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As reported Politeka, the Athos elders made a prophecy for Ukraine and Russia.

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