The Grain Growers fear that melt protection

president-pgq-christian-overbeek-estimeProducers of Quebec grains (QMP) are afraid to attend short term the abolition of the Farm Income Stabilization Insurance Program (ASRA).

That is why they decided to make an emergency tour with many provincial politicians to discuss this possibility and to write to the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Pierre Paradis.

In their letter, the QMP will demand nothing less than an “emergency policy response” on the part of Mr. Paradis so they wrote, to “slow the process” government could lead to the end of the ASRA.

They remind the minister that this tool is indispensable to guard against fluctuations in the lower current prices and changes to higher production costs.

They also benefit to argue that they are loathe to see the farm income stabilization insurance be replaced by another program that is fundamentally about individual savings.

“State Disengagement”

Quebec Grain Growers point out that such substitution would not guarantee them adequate protection, it would constitute a “significant withdrawal of the State” and that it would place them in a “significant position of vulnerability”.

The president of QMP, Christian Overbeek, said the provincial government needs to continue to ensure a double protection to some 11 000 producers of Quebec grains.

“We need to have a basic program for (face) some market uncertainties and production and another to support us in our productive investments. The government can not ask us to choose between two elements at the base, are intended to complement, “he considers.

In Mr Overbeek, so does the ability of producers to remain competitive here.

“In a competitive world globally, we need to be supported as well as our colleagues in other countries,” he says.

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