The government should take strict control of the coordination of the introduction of the electricity market, – ex-Minister

Правительство должно взять под жесткий контроль координацию введения рынка электроэнергии, – экс-министр

According to former Minister of energy, Chairman of the “all-Ukrainian energy Assembly” Ivan Plachkov, the technical discrepancies between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities (NKREKU), about the mechanism of public spacebattles (PSO) should not become an excuse to disrupt the launch of a new electricity market on 1 July

For this the government should take strict control and coordination of market reform, the Agency reports Ukrainian news.

“I believe that the government once the Prime Minister should carry out organizational may not be one meeting, because this is a very important reform for the country. It is necessary to implement. Because we understand that would not have voted a law on the postponement of the introduction of this market. So now we need to focus and resolve these issues,” commented Plachkov comments of the national Commission on the mechanism of PSO in a new electricity market.

A positive result is possible only if consultations between the Cabinet and the Regulator will be held in online mode.

“He (the Cabinet) has all powers in order to resolve these problematic issues have arisen. So we need tomorrow, not waiting for Monday, to spend two times daily organizational, coordinating the work of the government on the implementation of the reform of the electricity market”, — he stressed.

Recall, the 2nd stage of the new electricity market in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On electricity market” to be launched on 1 July 2019. The launch of the electricity market is a condition of the program of cooperation of Ukraine with the International monetary Fund (IMF), according to which it is planned to receive in the current year $ 2.5 billion loan, as well as providing macro-financial assistance from the European Union (EU) in the amount of 500 million euros.

Wednesday, June 5, the Cabinet approved a decree that placed public specialista (PSO) for the supply of electricity for domestic consumers from 1 July 2019 to 31 Dec 2020 at “Energoatom”, “Ukrhydroenergo” and the transmission system operator “Ukrenergo”. The Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik said that thanks to this decision with the introduction from 1 July a new model of electricity market prices will not grow.

The United States Agency for international development (USAID) believe that the new electricity market in Ukraine should be introduced in a timely manner. This position was voiced at the workshop, representatives of the energy industry “the Introduction of a new electricity market. Challenges and solutions”, dedicated to the launch of the market from 1 July 2019.

Today, June 7, the national Commission has published calculations according to which, the model proposed by the Cabinet of Ministers needs improvement.