The government should help domestic producers – Yuriy Boyko

Государство должно помогать отечественному производителю - Юрий Бойко

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To support domestic producers need two things – the expansion of markets and the state program of crediting of the enterprises this was stated by co-Chairman of the Opposition bloc Yuriy Boyko during a visit to the factory “Elvorti” in the city of Onward. The company has a long history and is today a flagship of agricultural engineering.

“The government’s task is to help these businesses. First of all, this market expansion. Today, these companies came under sanctions, and they can’t sell their products in Russia, which was a traditional trading partner. They lost this market. This is a big financial loss”, – said Yuriy Boyko.

According to him, traditional closed wounds sales to domestic enterprises, the government has not offered anything in return. It is therefore important the issue of expansion of the domestic market.

“The second issue is the expansion of the internal market. We must help farmers to recover the VAT exemption that they had the opportunity to buy modern equipment, which we saw today, and trustworthy people. Because this is our Ukrainian, produced by us. And we need to give farmers money so they can buy it”, – said Yuriy Boyko.

The opposition bloc has prepared a package of bills aimed at solving all these issues, but are vital for people and countries the laws are blocked by this Parliament. If Parliament is unable to solve problems and issues that truly concern citizens, then it should dissolve itself and hold early elections.

Государство должно помогать отечественному производителю - Юрий Бойко

Государство должно помогать отечественному производителю - Юрий Бойко

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