The government put an end to the debate on the date of enactment of the electricity market, — the expert

Правительство поставило точку в дискуссии о дате введения рынка электроэнергии, — эксперт

The government put an end to the debate on the introduction from 1 July new electricity market, which some politicians and experts have proposed to postpone

As reported by DS, written by a member of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of energy strategies Yuri Korolchuk blog on the website Reporter.

“The decision on the commencement of the electricity market has already been taken. The government set point is not even in the technical and political debate on electricity market”, — the expert believes.

He also noted that a key government decision taken for the timely start of the market, was the decision of laying on of spacebattles (PSO) that will provide higher prices for electricity for the population.

“The main solution (at the government meeting) consideration of the scheme of PSO (provider with special responsibilities), which will sell electricity to the public at a price no higher than 1.04 UAH. / KW-hour. So the average price of electricity for the population. That is, the JI mechanism does not allow to raise for the people the price of electricity. This is definitely good”, — said the expert

In addition, the expert noted that to participate in the scheme for compensation of low electricity prices for the population should the state of the company. In line with global practice “subsidized” rates.

“To participate in the compensation scheme of low prices for the population (1.04 UAH per kWh) are companies in which selling rate below is “Energoatom” and “Ukrhydroenergo”. It is known that Energoatom will sell at the electronic auctions in order to implement PSO no more than 60% of its electricity, Ukrhydroenergo — not more than 20%. The company’s thermal power plants, in which the rate of 1.6 UAH, can not participate in the compensation scheme and PSO,” — says Korolchuk.

Recall that the launch of a new electricity market to be held on 1 July 2019, according to the Law of Ukraine “On electricity market”. This law implementeret the rules of the Third energy package of the European Union and is part of the international obligations of Ukraine.

At the government meeting on 5 June, the Cabinet adopted two decrees necessary to launch a new electricity market “About the procedure for imposing special obligations of the participants of the electricity market to ensure the public interest” and “On approval of the procedure of electronic auctions for the sale of electricity through bilateral agreements.”