The government prepared a new reform: what’s more expensive this time

Правительство подготовило новую реформу: что подорожает на этот раз

The government approved the strategy of development of Railways for the years 2019-2023

At this meeting, the government considered and approved a draft strategy for the development of state-owned companies. It lays out the key principles of large-scale reforms of the carrier. To hold it will in the next 3 years.

In part the transport of persons, noted in the strategy, it is important to ensure that they break even. In this connection it is proposed to divide passenger direction into two categories:

Socially significant. The list will be to identify and order the state in person of Central body of Executive power. While the company’s losses from providing services at a reduced social will be compensated from the budget.

Правительство подготовило новую реформу: что подорожает на этот раз

Commercial. Here I propose to include all emergency and expedited trains, as well as compartment and SV cars. Ticket prices in this segment want to establish the level of coverage of all costs plus a “reasonable” level of profitability.

In the suburban “social” feature proposed for local authorities. With them “passenger” Ukrzaliznytsya will have separate contracts and negotiate compensation in the event of pricing tickets below cost.

The program of reorganization of the BONDS, according to the text of the strategy want to spend in the period from 2020 to 2022. But the reduction of tariffs to economically reasonable level will start their studies in 2019.

As previously reported, the representative of the President of Ukraine in Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Gerus insists that Vladimir Zelensky promised reduction of tariffs before the election

“Zelensky is not directly promised to lower tariffs, although he understands that this is a problem. If you listen to what Zelensky said in the video about the tariffs and there he stated the need to increase gas production, investment, stopping gas imports and development of exports. Then the price of gas in our country will drop 20-30%, maybe more,” said Gerus.

Also the President’s representative in the Cabinet was told about the jokes Zelensky.

“Zelensky joked about the rates that they are high. Zelensky joked about “Rotterdam”, that is a corrupt formula. But direct promises he has given. Of course, people somewhere in the hints I want to see what they want to see,” — said Gerus.

Правительство подготовило новую реформу: что подорожает на этот раз

Recall, Groisman seized all of Ukraine, Zelensky take immediate action: “I Will hammer away until…”.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky gave Groisman most important post, the details of the controversial deal: “bad for Ukrainians.”

Also Politeka wrote that Groysman pulled a big stunt for money of Ukrainians.