The government is behind schedule in providing the raw material thermal power plant and CHP for the heating season

In Ukraine there is a shortage of coal for the heating season.

Уряд відстає за графіком у забезпеченні сировиною ТЕС і ТЕЦ для проходження опалювального сезону

In Ukraine the accumulation of coal and fuel oil for the heating season in the warehouses of thermal power plants and combined heat and power is delayed according to the schedule, informs Rus.Media.

This was announced by the Deputy head of the Ministry of energy and coal industry Anatolii Korzun.

At the moment the government began to study the issue of coal shortage, said the representative of the government.

“We have nearly two million tons in the warehouses of generating companies in the gas group, the task is almost done – only a few thousand tons, there is some lag in the anthracite group. This question requires separate consideration and action to it are accepted”, – he said.

Note that for TPS and TPP, according to the plan, should be accumulated 2.6 million tons of coal. Million tons in this case – it’s the anthracite coal and 1.6 million tons of gas.

The energy Ministry said that in respect of accumulation of gas in underground storage in the amount of 17 million cubic meters, the task is almost done. There is a small backlog from the schedule of accumulation of oil.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine Gennady Zubko said that the heating season in Ukraine will begin after the adoption of the relevant decision in the government announced on 15 October.

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