The gorge of the Magog plunged into darkness

festivaliers-ayant-frequente-centre-ville(SHERBROOKE) Festival goers who attended the Sherblues & Folk or the show From Willie to Dolly aware of the weekend may have noticed that the throat of the Magog River was plunged into darkness. On illuminated ordinary, dams, bridges, bridges and other not once glittered dark.

In the City of Sherbrooke, it is mentioned that this is probably a failure and there is no intention to stop the illumination of the throat. An entrepreneur must also go to the site on Monday to identify the problem and fix it.

The extinction of lights would last for several days.

At the inauguration of illuminated trails, it was mentioned that they accounted for 68 strip lights, projectors 112, 13 recessed spotlights, 21 ground beacons, linear strips 18 and 102 small recessed lighting.

The illuminated gorge is one of the tourist attractions that the city boasts largely to its visitors.

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