The godfather slashed the whole family after the party: birthday went to hell, the details of the tragedy

Крестный изрезал всю семью после застолья: день рождения превратился в ад, подробности трагедии

Male during a party attacked a family of his goddaughter with a knife

This became known from the message of the Rambler. As you know, the tragedy occurred in Russia, in Ulyanovsk region. In the settlement of Isheyevka family celebrated the birthday of his daughter Ira who is under the age of 18. However, during the celebration of the night from 14 to 15 may, was invited neighbor Alexander Artamonov, who is the godfather of the birthday girl. Night Artamonov had a fight with your landlord, and early in the morning suddenly took out a knife and attacked the head of the family.

Крестный изрезал всю семью после застолья: день рождения превратился в ад, подробности трагедии

The result of stabbing father died, was killed. His 10-year-old son, received multiple stab wounds, died on the way to the intensive care unit. Mother seriously injured. 18-year-old daughter operate in the hospital Isheevka, the mother of the family taken to the emergency hospital in Ulyanovsk. At the scene of the stabbing are ongoing investigations. Neighbors of the victim family claim that the man lived together with future victims. They suggest that the behavior of the suspect could affect the complications of a stroke.

“I didn’t expect anything else! Our family is in a very good relationship with this family. We are neighbours, we both moved there and are friends with their family for 10 years. Dad sometimes drinks, temper he never had. The last days dad went into decline, he had not the strength,” — said the daughter, Alexandra Artamonova about his father online LifeShot. Also telegrams-channel was published photos from the event and the most Artamonova daughter.

Крестный изрезал всю семью после застолья: день рождения превратился в ад, подробности трагедии

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev there was a massive fight in one of the cafes. A fight with a stabbing staged unknown visitors of the cafe, the victim was robbed, beaten and stabbed. Now the latest is in the hospital.

In Kiev, near the metro station “Hydropark” there was a terrible fight. The incident occurred on the morning of 16 December. It is reported by local police.

So we know that in the course of proceedings, one of the participants of the fight were beaten with a chair and stabbed:

“According to preliminary information, a few men sat and drank alcoholic drinks. Between the company of two people and one man had a conflict that escalated into a fight. As a result the man suffered several stab wounds and was beaten with a chair on the head”, – stated in the message of the police.

We will remind, the attack on the Deputy happened at a wine tasting in the city Borsice.

As reported Politeka, five people, including a priest, were killed in the attack on the Church.

Also Politeka wrote that the minibuses attacked a guy with a disability in Kamenskoye.