The godfather of Pshonka has registered a draft resolution with a proposal to hold the inauguration Zelensky on may 19

Кум Пшонки зарегистрировал проект постановления с предложением провести инаугурацию Зеленского 19 мая

The godfather of Pshonka has registered a draft resolution with a proposal to hold the inauguration Zelensky on may 19

As reported independent MP Serhiy Mischenko has registered a draft resolution to hold a may 19, a solemn meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the occasion of the swearing in of the newly elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. This was reported on the website of the Parliament.

The document was registered in Parliament on may 3 at number 102709. He submitted to the leadership of the Parliament.

The Institute of National remembrance have noticed that this date falls on the Day of memory of victims of political reprisals and could cause a negative perception in society.

What can it mean and what is known MP Mishchenko? Why Zelensky team on the ground tends to be odious ex-regionals and what are the risks to the President-elect, try to understand, in order:

Deputy Sergey Mishchenko, a member elected in constituency 98 in 2012 and 2014, in the previous convocations, was a member of the BYUT faction, and then a Deputy from BPP (organized the election of the presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko in his district in 2014) , the last time was the extra fractional Deputy, known fact that During voting for the appointment of Viktor Pshonka for the post of attorney General in 2010, Mishchenko said that Pshonka considers his “father”.

In the 2012 election promised to free his district of Yulia Tymoshenko when she will be released from prison, but in place of this in 2014 was the head of the electoral headquarters of Petro Poroshenko.

It is also known that Mishchenko is the godfather of Pshonka’s son Artem and a Deputy from the Opposition bloc Nataliya Korolevska.

The Deputy from BYUT Sergey Vlasenko in response to the legislative initiative of Sergei Mishchenko, “the treatment of Yulia Tymoshenko abroad,” written in his opinion in the administration of President Yanukovych , said : “You hypocrite, traitor, immoral man and a worthy son of Your father of the Prosecutor General Pshonka. And this man won the election under the slogan: I will liberate your district for Tymoshenko, when she gets out of jail”

In addition , Mishchenko connected with the attempts of illegal influence on the airport “Borispol”, in particular – on the official airport taxi Sky Taxi.

Through its influence on Poroshenko he was able to quickly recolor the former regionals in the colors of the presidential party BPP and make the local councils of former supporters of Yanukovych. Today, he is incredibly moved to join the new team President Zelensky.

In addition, the regional office staff Zelensky was located at Ivana Kudri 30, (office of the company LLC “Radfeld Ukraine” — the Director and owner Vladimir Koval, former head of the Department of Agricultural development of Kyiv oblgosadministratsii when Prysyazhnyuk. Nominally headed by the headquarters of his daughter Olena Koval. So former controversial leaders, who are under the law on lustration was again at the helm, began to recruit personnel in a new team.

It is surprising that the team Zelensky’t figured out the identity of their “representatives”

Thus many notorious figures such as Mishchenko, and Koval could be the team’s new President. How this relates to the fact that Zelensky has repeatedly stated that his team will not be ex? How long are these people who managed to “change the air” several times will “faithfully” serve the new President? What is then the difference of the new government from the old?

Local reshaly, in fact the mafia, entrenched and holding on. They repainted every election under the power that wins. Then the society indignantly discussing another case Lozinski, manger and murder of the activist Kati Gandzyuk.

They are everywhere — from city hall to the Prosecutor’s office, from the courts to local markets.

That is why from Zelensky is now extremely important to hear the names of those who will represent his team on the ground.