The glory of “DeAngelo” struck by stretching

Слава из «НеАнгелов» поразила растяжкой

Ukrainian singer showed how preparing for the show.

Popular Ukrainian singer Fame Kaminska delighted fans with an incredible stretch. Corresponding photos she has published on his page in Instagram.

“So many of the plus sign. Now let’s define how I am to choose only one out of 8,000. Good morning. Leg and pop in the tape,” they write.

Слава из «НеАнгелов» поразила растяжкой

It should be clarified that the picture the singer shows incredible stretching that also drew the attention of netizens.

Слава из «НеАнгелов» поразила растяжкой

“What a beautiful stretch,” the user said Alain Pilocka.

“The beauty of Glory,” said user Anna Filipova.

“From you, and radiates love,” said the user Alina pavlychenko.

Слава из «НеАнгелов» поразила растяжкой

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