The girl was struck by a confession that saw in the burning Notre Dame: “it was him”

Девушка поразила признанием о том, что увидела в горящем Нотр-Даме: "Это был он"

A resident of Scotland spoke about the strange photo during a fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame

Leslie Rowan said that the image clearly you can see the burning figure of Jesus Christ. She told about it in the social network Facebook, says Hyser.

“It may be my imagination, but look closely at this picture — what do you see?”, — asked Rowan.

Девушка поразила признанием о том, что увидела в горящем Нотр-Даме: "Это был он"

“Yes, I see it clearly — a long robe, and everything else”, “It’s definitely Jesus,” has confirmed some of the followers, but some of the users of the social network reacted critically to this interpretation of what he saw.

Recall that in the Internet there were photos of the destroyed Notre Dame Cathedral.

The author of the PlanetLabs is an American company-operator of remote sensing satellites of the Earth. Photos of the fire were posted on Twitter of the space program, the EU monitoring of the Earth.

The photographs show the famous Cathedral before and after the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Previously a reporter for the Monde Rafael Bakke also published photographs, which show the effects of fire.

It is noted that firefighters rescued from the fire of the great Christian relics in the fire.

Девушка поразила признанием о том, что увидела в горящем Нотр-Даме: "Это был он"

In addition, managed to save from complete destruction of the structure of the Cathedral and to reduce fire intensity..

The Paris Prosecutor’s office was investigating damage in connection with the fire.

The police said that no criminal element that triggered the fire, they found.

In addition, the President of France Emmanuel macron said that thanks to the actions of the fire managed to avoid the worst-case scenario, however, “the battle is not yet won”. Macron made a promise to do everything to the Cathedral was restored. The head of France said that the restoration of the building will be open nationwide to collect donations.

The last time Notre Dame was under restoration, restored historical view of the spire. At the moment, the spire, clock and roof of the Cathedral fell from fire.

Recall that the famous model with tears in the eyes told of the tragedy at Notre Dame: “It’s terrible” .

As he wrote Politeka, Notre Dame lost, the fire did not stop, the roof collapsed: new footage .

Politeka also reported that the fire engulfed the skyscraper elite in Kiev, all shrouded in smoke: first details and footage of the incident .