The girl took video of the last moments of his life: “did not turn one”

Девушка сняла на видео последние минуты своей жизни: "не свернул никто"

Dangerous game on the road ended for the girls tragedy. Reckless driver videotaped his own death in a car accident

In the last few days, the web is widely discussed moment of the video with the terrible accident that happened in Australia. Resident of Queensland named Shane McNeil staged a dangerous race while driving his car.

The girl pulled out into the oncoming lane and decided to take a “dare” with other drivers trying to figure out which of them would break first and break.

Sorry for Sanii, drivers did not want to play her game – did not turn nobody. As a result, the road head-on collision occurred. Shane, who was driving, was killed and her friend and passenger of the other car were injured and went to hospital.

Девушка сняла на видео последние минуты своей жизни: "не свернул никто"

The girls took off their “fun” on video which was later posted online and drew attention to the accident.

Earlier, we reported that in Kaluga region there was a terrible road accident with participation of children.

One child was killed and five were injured during an accident in the Kaluga region. This is reported by Russian media.

The crash injured six children and three adults. Later it became known that the six-year-old boy died in the hospital.
Police have opened a criminal case on this fact militiamen find out all circumstances of incident.

The accident occurred in the Borovsk district of Kaluga region, took part four cars. According to reports, the driver “Chevrolet” I moved from Moscow in the direction of Bryansk and has left on an oncoming lane where faced the car “Toyota Corolla”, after which the two cars collided with two more vehicles, injuring 9 people.

Earlier in the day a terrible accident happened in Kiev.

Near the metro station “pochayna” in the Ukrainian capital truck hit the cyclist. We know that the latter died on the spot incidents even before arrival of ambulances.

“And the cyclist and truck Foton rode along the Avenue of Stepan Bandera in the direction of the North bridge, from the words of the truck driver, that he’s tried to avoid a man on a Bicycle, but was unable to avoid a collision,” stated local police.

Recall, the body was thrown like a chip: a fatal accident occurred in Kiev.

As reported Politeka, the police rushed to stop in Kiev: “ran a red light.”

Also Politeka wrote that the new Zaitseva blew a stop with people near Kiev.