The girl gave birth to a baby is of enormous size: thought is twins

Девушка родила младенца огромных размеров: думала, что носит двойню

In one of the hospitals of New Zealand was born in a very large newborn. This is the most extraordinary case ever recorded in modern medicine

“He is a child of Hercules. I don’t think in my obstetric practice is born another child with so much weight,” said the midwife who delivered at 33 years old Nicolini Newcomb.

According to the young mother, if doctors knew in advance that the child in her womb will be so big, they would be pulling a girl by cesarean section, but under the circumstances, the woman was able to push into the light “son of Hercules” is almost without the help of doctors, reports the Sun.

Девушка родила младенца огромных размеров: думала, что носит двойню

It is clarified that during delivery, the boy stuck a shoulder between the pelvic bones of the mother, but the doctors were able to help him to get out. The weight of a boy removed from his mother was equal to almost 6 pounds (5,8), which corresponds to the normal-weight 11-month-old baby.

The girl also said that she was given a fast-acting anesthetic, but General anesthesia during childbirth these remarkable not used.

Previously in the UK she gave birth to an extraordinary child. 18-year-old Bethany green of the English town of Blackpool, Lancashire, on January 16, gave birth to a girl named Avery. Labor, which lasted four hours, were successful for both mother and baby. During the inspection of the nurses noticed that the lower gums of the newborn sticking out tooth.

Mother went to the dentist for advice. “They have never before seen, only had some idea of what is possible, says Greene. They wished me to come to the reception, where they will attend the students who would be able to learn”.

Девушка родила младенца огромных размеров: думала, что носит двойню

Normally, a baby starts to cut teeth between four to seven months after birth. Green said it has no plans to remove the tooth from a baby: doctors suggest to get rid of it if the mother is going to breastfeed the baby, but the woman had already decided what it will do with a bottle.

We will remind, the woman gave birth in the queue at the supermarket: We’re not working, we have a birth here

As reported Politeka, to give birth to girls easier than boys — scientists of the University of Granada, hospital San Cecilio

Politeka also wrote that the doctors at the hospital deliberately sent to the light of the newborn: “the Main thing is no one heard the squeaks and squeals”