The girl concealed the cruelty, which he then performed over her the foreigner: “afraid to admit”

Девочка скрывала жестокость, которую совершил над ней иностранец: "боялась признаться"

Foreigner raped a 14-year-old girl in the Kiev region

This was reported in the police of the Kiev region.

It is known that the case occurred in the village of Gorenka. It was there that the alien molested a 14-year-old girl. The girl told me that her neighbor tried several times to rape her. After several attempts he succeeded, however, about this girl didn’t tell anyone because I was too scared.

Девочка скрывала жестокость, которую совершил над ней иностранец: "боялась признаться"

The girl said that day it started the conversation the man drunk, and then invited me to his home. Already there he began to undress her. All requests to leave the teenager alone, the man didn’t react until he received sexual satisfaction.

The attacker was detained at the place of residence. They found 36-year-old citizen of Belarus, who has a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

On the fact of corruption of minors in police opened criminal proceedings as regards 1 article 156 of the criminal code. Pervert faces up to five years of imprisonment. After the announcement of the verdict and sentence against a foreigner would be considered banning him from entry into the territory of Ukraine.

Девочка скрывала жестокость, которую совершил над ней иностранец: "боялась признаться"

Earlier it was reported that a girl named Shannon Clifton for the first time spoke about his eight years of sexual abuse and beatings by his father a pedophile. Her father Shane ray Clifton, was a monster, because he first raped his daughter in the living room at the age of six years. It was the beginning of the test, which ripped her young life apart, and then Shane Ri Clifton continued attacking her again and again, up to four times a day. But then Shannon got pregnant at the age of 11. On hearing this, the pervert beat her unconscious, and she lost the baby. The second pregnancy happened for 13 years.

Her growing belly was harder to hide, and Shannon was called the school nurse who asked to take a pregnancy test, she refused and ran away. When the doctors came home, they jumped over the fence in the backyard and ran in the field. She spent six nights in the woods, while the police searched for them.

When Clifton came out of hiding to take Shannon to the hospital, police arrested him.

Recall that Ukraine is rocked by a violent history with children before the New year.

As reported Politeka, surfaced terrible details of the crime in the Nikolaev area.

As reported Politeka, the visitor assaulted the pharmacist pharmacy in Kharkov.